Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Quiet Whisper of Hope

There is nothing in this world more essential to life than hope. Where it lacks, there is no light. Hope, to me, is the breath of life; it emboldens you and makes you brave; the echo of promise, ever present. It lifts you up when you are leaden, and keeps you going when you feel weak. Hope, of all things, reminds you to dream, no matter how things might look; it is optimism given license….the quiet whisper that says, it is possible. You deserve it. What is yours will come.

I just turned 50 today. And I am so excited. I am telling everyone who will listen I am 50! The way I see it, today marks my induction into a new life passage; the best years of my life. I can’t explain it, but I feel proud to be 50. I know, with the years, the tiny brutalities of aging will continue to hit me – a changing body, discrimination, invisibility. But I intend to find refuge – even salvation – in my aged worldview, unfettered by petty grievance or the silliness of youth. To live in a way that integrates everything I’ve learned into my visceral self, edging me slowly to a different way of being that says, this is your life. It is a gift. Relax and enjoy the ride. Make every day count. Dedicate your focus to finding beauty, even in what isn’t pretty. Endeavor to be kind. Don’t ever forget that hope is the chalice on the altar of dreams. And to keep it alive, don’t look back.

[To Jerry – whose encouragement, support and generosity of spirit have given me hope, in the most profound sense of the word.]


Anonymous said...

First of all, Happy Birthday! May this be the start of a very happy, successful, fulfilling – and fun – chapter for you. Your post is beautiful and inspiring! And I shall make a note to read it again in three years' time :–)

Oriah said...

Jessse- Happy Birthday! May your year be filled with hope, and my you celebrate YOU today! Much love, Oriah

Jessica Mendes said...

Oriah, what a lovely surprise to hear from you! Thank you for your heartfelt words. Was thinking of you the other day -- hope you are well.

As for my Anonymous friend, thank you kindly for your happy birthday wishes and kind words!

Christine Young said...

Happy Birthday Jessee. It's been quite a while since I've visited your site, and every time I do I'm inspired by your beautifully expressed thoughts and your wisdom. Many happy returns. Have a great 50th year.

Jessica Mendes said...

Hello Christine! Yes, it's been some time -- what a surprise to hear from you. Much gratitude for your kind words, and thank you for your birthday wishes! I do hope we can meet one day.